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Types of coaching

As an independent party, we select only the best coaches and trainers from The Netherlands. Our network consists of 150 specialists in different fields such as management coaching, business coaching, career coaching and stress coaching. Our coaching- and training processes are customised to fit the needs of the organisation and it’s employee(s).

A selection of our range

Business coaching

Business coaches accompany employees with their professional development. They help employees to improve their leadership qualities or to deal more effectively with a changing environment.

Career coaching

Career coaches accompany employees with their employees with the search and development of the next step in their career. They help employees to function better in their current/future job and how to reintegrate after long absence from work.

Management coaching

The executive or management coach supports entrepreneurs, top- and higher management and boardmembers. Our management coaches have sufficient life-. entrepreneurial-, board- and management experience which makes them perfectly fit for the job.

Stress coaching

Stress coaching helps employees with reducing stress and preventing a burnout. They accompany employees with setting boundaries, increasing their self confidence or redefining the balance between their worklife and their personal life.


Just as coaching helps people in their development, training helps departments, teams and companies in theirs. Our trainers are specialised in the fields of leadership, personal development, effectivity and communication, business development, stress, burnout, work absenteeism, organisation development and team development.

Looking for a different type of coaching or training?

Or do you want to combine different types of coaching? Everything is possible! All our coaching and training processes are customised to fit the needs of the organisation and the employee(s).

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