Always the right coach for your coach question

How do you find the right coach for your question? The Gingermood matching tool uses an adaptive tool to find the perfect match between you and a qualified coach. Adjusted to your personality and wishes. Is your employer paying? Great, we will take care of it!

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Over 1200 matches made!

The matching tool contains a comprehensive questionnaire. Scanning dozens of personal variables, this tool decides which coaches match best with you as a person.

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Personal guidance available

Choose a (free) intake by telephone, clarify your coaching question and reach an even better match. Gingermood is always available to answer all of your questions.

Contact us for an intake over the telephone.

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Completely secure

Gingermood highly values security. We can assure you that all of your personal information is completely secure in accordance with the latest security standards. You always stay owner of your personal information and if desired it will be deleted.

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This is how it works

Find the coach that best matches with you easily, safely and effectively.

Step 1

Create an account in the matching tool

Step 2

Choose an intake by telephone or fill out the questionnaire straight away

Step 3

You will be matched to the two most suitable coaches. With which one will you start?

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"Everybody deserves a coach"

Using a portal specifically designed for your company, Gingermood unburdens HR and managers. We also offer High Impact Executive Coaching.

Partner for HR

With your own portal you can add internal as well as external coaches to your own coach pools. Using the dashboard, you will have real time (anonymized) information about the coaching trajectories and insight in your budget.

Solutions for HR
High Impact Executive Coaching

Specifically selected executive coaches for complex dilemmas and personal questions.

Executive coaching

Read the experiences Gingermood coachees before you.


"Because the match was so perfect, it made the coaching intensive and accurate. My coaching trajectory was very valuable. I never thought this was possible. A pleasant surprise to have my expectations surpassed like this."


Gingermood has a blog through which we keep you updated on interesting researches and the developments within Gingermood. We also publish blogs with interesting themes such as personal and professional development. At this moment, this blog is only available in Dutch.

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